For our first project, making a homemade switch controlling some LED lights, I went through a somewhat complicated process to get to a solution that is technically functional thanks to some slight tweaking but initially failed to grasp the basics of the brief, namely the 'homemade' part.  

Some context, I am an electrical novice with very little experience dealing with circuitry so it took me a moment to try to wrap my head around the calculations.  Now that the project is done, I see the simplicity of what I was trying to achieve.  Also as a former physical product designer, I perhaps spent too much of my thought process on the actual physical vessel or encasement in which the light and wiring and switch would live. I spent a time calculating the resistors and also watching youtube videos and reading material online, all of which culminated in mass confusion! If I was doing the project again I would conceptualize a better idea emphasizing the 'homemade' portion of the brief  and then try to execute.  Old habits die hard!