IDEATION - Footwear design processes from my career


My journey from designing and prototyping sneakers and bags to where I am today as someone fully immersed in UX/UI and Experience Design is connected.  I approach designing physical products the same way that I now design interfaces.  Freehand sketching and story-telling leading to 'pixel perfect' outcomes.  So I don't think my personal design ethos has changed.  But I certainly am delving much deeper than I ever did.

In retail, sales are paramount but I always believed that the proper approach that will ultimately lead to success considers the four factors that I always keep in mind when I design.  The user journey was always part of the process as well.  How did customers end up looking at this product and what prompts them to click buy?  Emotion certainly has something to do with it.  I was initially drawn to fashion design because it stirs up emotion.  You know immediately if you have a personal connection to a product.  The best product is hard to erase from the mind.  You need it. 

The journey I have taken from an industrial designer to fashion has led me to where I am now, balancing analog, digital, emotional and analytical into one beautiful vocation.  Oh, and I still love sneakers of course.