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GRAYSON UNIVERSITY - A study in motion sequence

STUDENT CENTER w kiosks.jpg


A study in motion sequences




Your school has built a new student center and is looking to you for some design expertise. Please create your proposal based on the prompt below: 

Design a welcome experience for visitors of the new center utilizing the large-format touch screen kiosk in the lobby, which displays upcoming events, news headlines, and next week’s weather forecast. Create three motion sequences that can loop in the lobby, transitioning between the different types of content. 




Create a simple touch-screen interface for the fictional Grayson University, News, Events, Navigation, Community & Weather have been factored in as the primary categories.  The screensaver modes show the beautiful campus as well as some of the student life.  Every day the GRAYSON GAZETTE would update with up-to-date news relevant to students.  The EVENTS tab would show everything from concerts to talks to run clubs.  NAVIGATION would allow the user to view campus maps and obtain directions.  COMMUNITY would be a source for local private and public events as well as a way for students to look for roommates, jobs or items to buy.  Lastly, the WEATHER section has easy-to-read detailed forecasts for the week ahead.  This interface would be used by current students as well as prospective students and parents visiting the campus.






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