Some people meditate to achieve a relaxed state.  I make art.  Creating art is what gives me the type of enjoyment in which time stands still.  Either with crayons when I started at three years old to pencil drawings as a teenager to paintings later on and even photography with my iPhone, I love observing, then documenting and interpreting with my hands and eyes.  Here are some of the things I've created throughout the years.  


Chosen One (2005) - Acrylic on Canvas


Sisters (2016) - Acrylic on Canvas


Jarvis (2008) - Acrylic + Oil on Canvas


Miss Williamsburg (2002) - Acrylic on Wood


Ladies & Gentleman We Are Floating In Space (2009) - Acrylic + Oil on Canvas


Kate (2012) - Digital Print


Boogie Wonderland (2006( - Found Imagery + Collage


Perry (1991) (signed by Perry Farrell in 2003  at Tower Records NYC) - Pencil on Paper


Bonnie (2015) - Pencil on Paper


Alden (2014) - Pencil on Paper


Big Gay Day (2014) - Silver Sharpie on Paper


Bonnie (2014) - Pencil on Paper


#resist (2017) - Python