I am a designer who is equally attuned to desirable tangible products and the digital experiences leading to them.


I've spent 18+ years creating successful and dynamic physical products for fashion brands such as J Crew, New Balance and Ralph Lauren, amongst many others. I have led talented teams and launched highly sought after products.

Now I create great digital user-focused experiences with a strategic mindset.

In an agency setting, I would work collaboratively to discover new ways in elevating user engagement with various brands in fresh strategic ways. In a product design company, I would hone products until they are ready for launch.

I am about to earn my MFA in Interaction Design at The School of Visual Arts and look forward to continuing to bridge the gap between the realms of digital and physical design.




When I get into something, I REALLY GET INTO IT! My passions center around music, film, sneakers and cooking. You’ll find me at my happiest, cooking up something delicious while listening to this playlist on shuffle, on blast.


I am proud to be on the board of FEED Projects, having worked with them from the genesis of their existence, helping to cultivate the brand identity and its products. I have helped create products and stories that have resonated greatly with customers. Proceeds have benefited millions of malnourished children around the world.