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Formerly a creator of industrial and fashion design, I am presently a designer of human-centric interactions and experiences.


Growing up in Chicago, I moved to New York just over 20 years ago to pursue dreams of being an industrial designer. Eventually I found myself with a career in fashion, creating sought after physical products for fashion brands such as J Crew, New Balance and Ralph Lauren, amongst many others. 

With the products I designed, I sought to create a balance between desire and need, with careful consideration for function. As my career progressed, I realized that user empathy and telling great stories were as essential as understanding trends and being technically skilled.

The loves of my life (besides my amazing family) are watching films, seeing live bands, cooking and creating art through drawing. painting and photography. Iā€™m inspired by these things to put my heart and soul into everything I do. 

Knowing all this, I put fear (and comfort level) aside and decided to go back to school to earn a Masters in Interaction Design at SVA.  It was the best thing I could have done. Not one to shy away from challenges, I now feel fully equipped and re-energized to create great digital user-centric experiences with a strategic mindset.