I've spent 18+ years creating successful and dynamic physical products for fashion brands such as J Crew, New Balance and Ralph Lauren, amongst many others.

Now I create great digital experiences.

With my experience leading teams and launching great products, I feel I would be invaluable in an agency setting collaborating to elevate user engagement with brands in fresh smart ways. I have true insight into how fast things change in an industry if you don’t keep your fingers on the pulse and understand your customer. With my obsessive attention to detail, I could also see myself at a product design company honing products until they are perfect for launch.

I am about to earn my MFA in Interaction Design at The School of Visual Arts and look forward to continuing bridging the gap between the realms of digital and physical design.




It is, after all, what I have nearly two decades of experience at. I love approaching new design challenges in the same way I'm learning to design experiences.  With thoughtful analysis of the user, communication with the primary stakeholders, attention to detail and creativity, I can help you with your product needs so feel free to reach out!




Besides the prerequisite description of my work, I also have many interests centering mostly around music, film and sneakers. Listening to amazing music and going to shows has always been an obsession of mine since my first Sony Sports Walkman. Check out some of my favorite Spotify playlists that I’ve compiled 👉.

I am also a cinephile, having been a junkie of independent and blockbuster films since well, Blockbuster Video existed (#RIPBlockbuster). And like millions of other people I love sneakers, but I used to design them so I think that differentiates me from the others.

What I ❤️ most in life (besides my family).

I am also on the board of FEED Projects, having worked with them from the genesis of their existence, helping to cultivate the brand identity and its products. I am proud to have helped create products and stories that have resonated with customers. Proceeds have benefited millions of malnourished children around the world. 

I understand the ins and outs of being in the real world working collaboratively and leading teams to achieve successful design goals. My real world experience is what truly sets me apart from the others. Now I am creating new ones, for myself and others.